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I think of you

A new year, I remember the old times, I am thinking of you and what would have been

Glistening icicles melt and fall into little rivers of melted snow, I look in to the crisp blue sky and think of you

As gardens awaken from their winter slumber I watch the daffodils and blue bells paint the landscape, it reminds me of you

Rainbows appear in the sky against a backdrop of stormy clouds, I think of you and make a wish

I feel the warmth of the sun on my skin, everything is bright and vibrant….it reminds me of you

Bumble bees dance from flower to flower, I listen to them hum their tune while I think of you

Long hazy days of summer, the air is still, then a gentle breeze whispers…. I love you

A summers evening, I listen to the birds, smell the flowers and watch the sun set, the most perfect setting to think of you

The air is filled with the sweet smell of hay, summer is about to say farewell, throughout the seasons I have never stopped thinking of you

It’s the beginning of autumn, the leaves have turned orange, vibrant red and brown, I watch them fall from the trees and think of you

The nights draw closer now…I watch the sun disappear over the horizon, another day without you has passed, I miss you

Snow has fallen, Jack Frost has painted pretty pictures on the window…its cold outside… so I sit by the embers and think of you

By Pauline Lawrence

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